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Introduction Overview to Video Blog:

At Express Title and Closing, we have opted to produce a series of video blogs concerning the most common problems and solutions that real estate professionals often face during a real estate transaction/closing.


The blogs will offer tips and advice to realtors, mortgage lenders, and buyers and sellers so that they can enjoy a smoother real estate transaction closing. We hope you enjoy them, while gaining some valuable insight into some of the more common real estate transaction challenges and solutions we experience on a regular basis in our industry.


Upcoming video blog topics include:

  1. Wire fraud and Cyber crime. There are many phishing scams targeting real estate professionals that you need to be aware of. This video also shows how you can avoid becoming a victim.
  2. Types of Deeds: general warranty deed, special or limited warranty deed, quitclaim deed, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and deed creating a tenancy by the entireties. We will cover the differences in the types of deeds, and why every real estate professional should know them.
  3. Power of attorney types. How POA should be used when the buyer or seller cannot be at the closing.
  4. Real estate transactions when both the buyer and seller are out of the country. Getting documents notarized in a foreign country.
  5. The seller is deceased, so what do you do next and how this affects the property in a real estate transaction. Includes advice on managing the transaction if the property becomes part of an estate.
  6. Examples of when title insurance would be used, such as for boundary line disputes or credit claims.
  7. Closing problems to avoid: what to bring to a real estate closing, useful advice on document signatures, when the spouse is not on title, and what to do if the property owner is deceased or divorced.
  8. Mobile home title transactions. How to know if it is personal or real property and advice on converting title to real property.
  9. Bankruptcy and judgment liens and how this affects the real estate transaction. Also covers the myth that a bankruptcy eliminates a personal judgment or lien on property.
  10. 1031 exchange. How to roll the proceeds from a real estate transaction into another property to avoid capital gain taxes. Included are six questions to determine if your real estate transaction qualifies for a 1031 exchange.
  11. The top 5 craziest closing experiences.


Be on the lookout for future video blogs. If you like them and find them helpful, please share them on social media. Thanks for reading!


June 8, 2017

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